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11m - yes, eleven million. - online views for videos by the Thoma family

The Thoma family are winning the internet, with about 3 million YouTube views and about 8 million views on Facebook, more than 11 million views in total, a fantastic success! Thanks to all our supporters for their likes and comments.
It seems that viewers can’t get enough of the beautiful Andalusian horses at Privatgestüt Möningerberg, the colourful abstract art and photography of Helga Suelzle Thoma and captivating acoustic guitar soundtracks from Beowulf AG. Videos giving us a behind the scenes look at the state of the art, automated photovoltaic panel production centre of J.v.G. Thoma GmbH and Jurawatt have also proved very popular and perfectly capture the philosophy of clean, green energy that is the basis of the company’s success.

The latest addition to the collection introduces us to the amazing artwork of Sabine Kirsch, whose vivid abstract paintings, full of life and movement, are perfectly complemented with sparkling music by Beowulf AG. To view this stunning film, please visit:

11m - yes, eleven million! - online views for videos by the Thoma family

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Another new addition to our YouTube channel is a look at JvG Saddle Innovations - exquisite saddles designed specifically for the magnificent Baroque horses. To find out more, go to:

Football fans are recommended to check out the new Kings of Football App, a game which allows you to become a fantasy football manager. The app is described in the following video clip:

To discover more about the beautiful world of the Thoma family, please visit our other YouTube channels:

To take a look around the idyllic Privatgestüt Möningerberg -

A tour of the solar panel production plant of J.v.G. Thoma GmbH -

A tour of the Jurawatt factory:

Find out more about specialist saddles for PRE horses at: Iberosattel Reitsport GmbH -

To hear more music by Beowulf AG -

Discover the painting and photography of Helga Suelzle Thoma -

Thanks to all our viewers!

Press contact:

Privatgestüt Möningerberg & Beowulf AG
Möningerberg 1a
92342 Freystadt

Telefon: +49 9179 2747
Fax: + 49 9179 90522



11m - yes, eleven million! - online views for videos by the Thoma family
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12.04.2017 10:47

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Privatgestüt Möningerberg

Möningerberg 1a
92342 Freystadt

Helga Sülzle-Thoma

Über das Privatgestüt Möningerberg Das Privatgestüt Möningerberg in der Nähe von Freystadt in der Oberpfalz züchtet Pferde der reinen Spanischen Rasse P.R.E. mit hohem Cartujano Anteil. Dabei liegt der Schwerpunkt auf...

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