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Emotion Analytics Market to Rear Excessive Growth During 2017-2025

Emotion Analytics Market: Introduction Emotions data is used to create strategies that helps in improving the business’s customer relationship management (CRM). Emotion analytics software programs can be used to assist any organization with data collection, data classification, data analytics and data visualization.
Emotion analytics software is often used in call centers. These emotion analytics software can be used either be a standalone application or built on top of a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which uses audio mining techniques and a correlation engine to match a caller's words with emotions. Language-agnostic emotion analytics software can also monitor the caller's tone of voice and how often a particular word is repeated in order to provide more insight into the caller's emotional state. Dashboards that indicate the emotions of both the caller and the call center agent allow supervisors to know which calls are going smoothly and which ones might require an intervention.

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Emotion Analytics Market: Drivers and Challenges

Few of the major driving factors of emotion analytics market are increase in number of videos, critical decision making, and understanding human behavior in an organization that is encouraging several organizations to implement emotion analytics software into their system. Internet of Things in emotion analytics helps organizations to better understand human emotions and will be a new dimension in marketing. Mobile and cloud-based biometric technologies are hugely implemented in many organizations. All these factors are driving the growth of emotion analytics market globally.

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Emotion Analytics Market: Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of technologies:

Artificial Intelligence
Biometrics and Neuroscience
3D Modelling
Pattern Recognition
Records management
Segmentation on the basis of solutions:

Mobile and web application
Segmentation on the basis of end-users:

Defense and Security agencies
Others (personal users) 
Emotion Analytics Market: Key Market Players

Few of the companies in emotion analytics market are: Microsoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, Retinad Virtual Reality, Neuromore, Imotions A/S, Kairos, Beyond Verbal, Affectiva, Eyris (EmoVu), Google, Inc. and Apple, Inc.. Big companies such as Microsoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, Google, Inc. and Apple, Inc. are focused towards acquiring small market players in order to increase their market share in emotion analytics market.

Emotion Analytics Market: Regional Overview

Emotion analytics market is currently dominated by North America region owing to wide adoption of artificial intelligence technology with the enterprises existing applications. Europe emotion analytics market follows next as various end user industry verticals such as defense and government agencies are fast adopting emotion analytics software.

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29.09.2017 13:57

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