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Thermoseal Group – From Inception to Perfection

The UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of over 2,000 insulated glass components, Thermoseal Group, has introduced a brand new advertising campaign to showcase its highest performance warm edge spacers – Thermobar and Thermoflex.

The first of two advertisements, ‘From Inception to Perfection’ features a diagram of a triple glazing unit showing the two flagship spacer systems with their green and orange brand colours running through – Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube (Green) and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer Silicone rubber system (Orange). The essence of the campaign is to highlight Thermoseal Group’s dedication to innovation, manufacturing and quality control of its spacers right from initial inception of the idea, through product development and then throughout the manufacturing process to packaging and delivery to the customer.

The second advertisement ‘British Brands Globally Recognised’ features a globe highlighting orange and green paths of delivery of Thermobar and Thermoflex products from the UK throughout the world. The delivery paths shown on the advertisement are a representation of the directions of travel of its world-class products.

Thermoseal Group’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Samantha Hill, tells us: “When it comes to advertising, we have always concentrated on pure facts of what our products offer with representative drawings of our spacers showcased in double and triple glazing units. Our statements about product performance are then backed up by industry-recognised independent performance figures. We will always continue to present pure fact, but feel that our new advertising goes one step further in highlighting who we are as a business.

“Following huge investment in our technical expertise and equipment, as well as manufacturing and the infrastructure of the business, we can completely control the quality of our products from initial inception of the idea. We design and develop our own products in-house; we test all of our products in our own laboratory and then in our EN1279 test centre to European and International standards before submitting them for independent testing; we source only the best raw materials; we compound all of our own materials in-house; we have strict quality control procedures in place; we ensure our products are packed, packaged and bar-coded straight from our production and then we deliver the goods to the UK market on our own fleet of vehicles.

“We also felt that our new advertising should showcase the multitude of awards we have won over the past 12 months, including our prided Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2017. These awards really are well deserved and the many awards for export are the reason for the second of our two advertisements. Our world-class products are now purchased in 27 countries across five continents, this is already more than the 22 countries stated in our advertising, and we have trials running further afield. We wanted to showcase how we are making an impact in export markets by offering two of the ‘best in class’ products.

“If you haven’t already trialled our products, you may not yet know that Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacers have achieved thermal ratings of 0.14W/mK and 0.135W/mK respectively and have available Bundesverband Flachglas data sheet Psi values for windows and façade profiles. Both products also are also listed on the Passive House Institute Component Database and achieve phA+ ratings. The feedback we have received on our products has been outstanding in terms of usability, aesthetics and performance, and as a result they are the products of preference for many UK sealed unit manufacturers.”

To view the Group’s new advertisements, see – From Inception to Perfection: & British Brands Globally Recognised: .

To find out about Thermoseal Group and its comprehensive range of insulated glass components and machinery for glazing manufacture, call +44(0)121 331 3950 or visit . For full multilingual information about its warm edge spacers see and .


The advertisements with video links are attached to this e-mail. For further press information or photography please contact Sophie Williams on +44 (0)121 331 3978 or and quote reference number 157.

16.11.2017 16:25

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For further press information or photography please contact Samantha Hill on +44 (0)121 331 3976 and quote reference number 110.

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